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Hi, I'm Dawn,
The designer and owner of Kid Stock.

I'm a mum of two and whilst packing my son’s backpack a few years ago, I became more frustrated at how unsuitable it was.
I had the realisation – “I need to re-design this bag myself!".
The design for the Kid Stock backpack came about because of my desire to design and create something practical with personality.
Having a background in Accessories Design in the fashion industry for over ten years, I knew where to put my knowledge and skills to make a start!
I have a passion for colour & print and was pretty sure I could design a better backpack because up until that point, I hadn’t found the perfect one.
It was important that it functioned better than the other options on the market but also, that it was stylish, bold, timeless and practical.”
My family constantly inspire me to be innovative and creative, I do this with enthusiasm, passion, and personality.

Dawn x